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International Basketball Ball Customize Size Pu

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International Basketball Ball Customize Size Pu

Specification parameter diameter circumference weight Applicable population
Size 3? 22″ 18CM 56-57CM 300-340g Children 1-3 years old
Size 4?25.5″ 20.6CM 63-65CM 370-410g Children 3-6 years old
Size 5? 27.5″ 22CM 69-71CM 470-500g Children 4-12 years old
Size 6? 28.5″ 22.6CM 70-71CM 510-550g women’s basketball
Size 7? 29.5″ 24.6CM 75-76CM 600-650g men’s basketball

Introducing the International Basketball Ball – a sporting essential that brings the game to new heights! With its classic blue and red color scheme, this basketball is not only visually appealing but also packs a punch when it comes to performance. Whether you’re an avid player, a professional athlete, or just someone who loves shooting hoops, this basketball is designed to elevate your game to an international level.

One of the standout features of the International Basketball Ball is its customizability. You can choose the size that suits your playing style, with options ranging from size 3 for junior players to size 7 for adults. This ensures that every player, regardless of age or skill level, can find the perfect fit for their game. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for growing players who require different sizes as they develop their skillset.

But customization doesn’t stop there – the logo on the basketball can also be personalized to match your team or brand. Whether you’re a professional basketball team looking to promote your brand, a school team seeking a unique identity, or even an individual player wanting to make a statement, the option to customize the logo adds a touch of exclusivity and professionalism to every game.

Beyond its striking appearance and customization features, the International Basketball Ball boasts a range of benefits that ensure an exceptional playing experience. The ball is crafted using high-quality materials that enhance its durability, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of intense gameplay. Its superior grip ensures precise handling, giving players the confidence to make those quick passes and accurate shots. The advanced design also provides excellent bounce, enhancing the overall speed and flow of the game.

Moreover, the International Basketball Ball meets the official standards set by international basketball federations, making it suitable for competitive play at all levels. Whether you’re playing in local leagues, international tournaments, or even professional matches, this basketball will ensure that you’re always playing with the best gear.

So why settle for anything less when you can play with an International Basketball Ball? Elevate your game, customize your style, and experience the thrill of basketball like never before. Get your hands on this high-quality basketball today and join the worldwide community of basketball enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best. Dominate the court, make your mark, and let your skills shine with the International Basketball Ball.

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