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Leather Basketballs Custom 2022 Wholesale Genuine

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What is 7+4?

Leather Basketballs Custom 2022 Wholesale Genuine


Leather basketballs custom are made from genuine leather and take on the look and feel of leather. These balls do not lose their shape as quickly, so they are great for every day play.

Official Game Ball

Size 7: The size of the ball should be 7, as bigger balls make it harder to play with and smaller ones are too easy. It’s important that the basketball is a standard size so that everyone can use it, regardless of skill level or age. This ensures fairness during games and tournaments!

Leather: A leather ball is better than plastic because leather is more durable and can withstand intense play without damaging easily (like if you drop one on your foot).

Custom Logo: You will want a custom logo for your basketball so people know who owns it! This can be any image you want—a team picture or a symbol like your favorite animal mascot or sports car brand logo—the options are endless! But remember not to put anything offensive in there because then no one will want to use it 🙂

Custom Design/Name: To add even more personalization into our products we offer custom designs on both sides of your ball along with adding text such as “Player Name” within brackets underneath

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