Rubber Basketball

New Design Basketball Colorful Size 7

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New Design Basketball Colorful Size 7


New design basketball Rubber is a durable material that can easily bounce.

OEM&ODM service is available.

This product is perfect for promotional gift

This product is perfect for promotional gift. It can be used as a gift to basketball fans, sports events and teams. We provide a high quality service with competitive price and good customer service.

The is made with a unique embossed pattern that sets it apart from its competitors.

In addition to being simple, the embossed pattern makes the look elegant and luxurious.

Basket ball size 7 ,international standard size

The size 7 basketball is the standard size for basketballs. It is the size of the ball in the Olympics. It is also the size of a basketball used in other international competitions.

Suitable for teenagers and adults to play

This basketball is suitable for teenagers and adults to play.

It’s great for playing basketball in the park, on the street, or in the gym.

this is a basketball for playing basketball

With this basketball, you’ll get the best of both worlds—something that feels nice and soft when you catch it, but is also durable and weatherproof. Whether you’re looking for something to take out on the court or just throw around outside with your friends, this product has a lot to offer.

New Design Basketball


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